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Mary is one of the quietest, most gentle pillars in our church body.  She is so quiet and calm that you would think she is weak and fragile but the contrary is true.  She is a daughter of the one true king and she finds her strength in knowing that the Lord has everything under control.  Mary has been blessed with various gifts and she is kind enough to share her talents with us.  Mary has the heart of twelve men.  She loves people and strives to help anywhere she can.  She is one of the founders of the Closet for Hope and she is also active in groups like The International Justice Mission, VAST and Truth for Women. Mary’s submissions are available on our app so that you can access them from anywhere. 

It’ll Be Alright

When my heart aches fiercely inside my chest,
And sleepless nights produce no rest…
I cry out to the One who knows me best,
Lord heal me, hold me, calm this mess.
And in the silence of the night,
He whispers, “child, it’ll be alright.
I’m here beside you,
I heard your call,
I’ll be with you thru it all,
I will not let you fall.”~God💕

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