Dollar Bill

GOD: Hark, Mr. Bill, I keep calling
for you to heed but thou keep stalling.
Go now and fix the deceit you’ve spawned,
I pray thee terror at the break of dawn!
DOLLAR, BILL: Your voice has been so quiet ‘til now,
and to think that You would actually beg,
could it be another false alarm (raised eyebrow)?
What is it that you cry for so late?
GOD: You fool of so little consequence!
Have you no memory or penitence?
Your powers are pseudo where I reside,
but at your end they do abide.
A certain network has become fraught
with more loopholes than a bad script;
freedom to choose you originally sought,
rather than fall into the money pit!
Too many factions have been given rise,
too many quarrels with too many guise,
you are the fountain that dwells in this well,
without restitution, there will be Hell!
DOLLAR, BILL: So what say I to atone for my miscues?
I still have no semblance or inkling of your cause.
Could this be but a fleeting ruse?
Or is it but a changing of your laws?
GOD: Enough! Trifling leads to boasting
which you now seem to be toasting.
If you remain naïve to my demands,
then let fate run its course, like the hourglass’s sands!
(Exit God, enter Conservative)
CONSERVATIVE: Sorry I’m late, I was busy
counting your faces and turning my back
as I have done in the past,
I hope you’re not in a hurry.
DOLLAR, BILL: Have I not lent you my gifts,
shared you my numbers,
supplied you your blunders
and featured those satin handkerchiefs?
CONSERVATIVE: As sure as where you are sitting,
I fell victim to your bidding
and out of nowhere I found
peace, and likeness to be sound.
DOLLAR, BILL: So what is all this commotion?
He says with puzzling notion
that I am the seed and have spent
time with japes, incompetent!
CONSERVATIVE: God is not the matter in this mess.
He is too far above, condescending at best.
We have created the great symbiosis
and lent well to this cunning hypnosis.
DOLLAR, BILL: Who is it that be hypnotized?
Who wears the mask and the frightening disguise?
Who are they who ponder these things?
I am so used; treated like kings!
CONSERVATIVE: Majesty and I are said to have danced,
for I am the one who still wears the pants,
supplied by you and your generous wealth,
it is I with the bank that I keep for self!
DOLLAR, BILL: You were in this with me from the start,
and they could never keep us apart,
without me you were a blank check,
like a faceless Jack in a fifty-two deck.
CONSERVATIVE: The trouble is not about us,
go see the liberal who dies by the sword,
he is sure to give you a fuss
and hereafter fall back on his word.
(Exit Conservative, enter Liberal)
DOLLAR, BILL: Have you no shame where you stand?
Marching in lines and putting out your fast hand.
Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves you are not,
why do you insist on looting the pot?
LIBERAL: My fairness exceeds your insolence,
every man I am for and he for I,
you are the wretched pestilence
while I am the equipoise inverse of right!
DOLLAR, BILL: A great deal pending exists in the clouds,
the furthest Creator has struck down his law,
and even though I can control the crowds,
I fear for us all in the event of a brawl.
LIBERAL: You believe in God, the “Big Chief?”
He is no more than a figment,
a past icon or imagined belief,
like a fable intent to torment.
DOLLAR, BILL: Of course I have faith,
it says, “In God We Trust” on my face,
and although you adhere pro-choice,
you seem to preach the Golden Rule’s voice.
LIBERAL: If no man allowed to be respect,
I have no choice but to protest,
and lament for the impuissance when I scream,
if not by your value or color so green!
DOLLAR, BILL: Five of me words, you sound like a fool,
the middleman is your carpenter’s tool,
and if not for him, where would you be,
save for the textbooks of history.
LIBERAL: Then go out and venture to find,
some of the many, too few of my kind,
whom I have conditioned to see the light,
if it not for their will, I could not fight.
(Exit Liberal, Enter Sexism)
DOLLAR, BILL: What do you want at this episodic hour,
besides a parade and a cute flower,
it matters not the gender to me,
so long as Mars and Venus both spend money!
SEXISM: How arrogant, obnoxious and obtuse,
sagacious the craft draped like a burnoose,
you buy your way out and your way in,
I judge by the tree and the labyrinth within.
DOLLAR, BILL: Why do they all keep telling me this?
Mark my word, I know you have ears.
Some things are astray and definitely amiss,
I may have a tissue for some of your tears.
God has spoken and told me aloud,
that Hell will be unleashed and those will be slain,
who do not repent and turn right about
from their past, and vast heretic plain.
SEXISM: You are not a vibrant messenger,
more like a feeble and limp collector,
receiving souls like coins by the millions,
you rule on the surface, a false dominion!
DOLLAR, BILL: You think this is funny, a comical twist?
You think my ego has nay a limp wrist?
I’m held everywhere, even in church,
please do stick to your gender research!
SEXISM: I am not at fault for this new stew,
I simply ascribe when one feels superior,
you are the one who leaves out the few,
who seem troubled, lost or inferior.
DOLLAR, BILL: Where shall I go now for shame of my face?
I cannot believe you have made me disgrace,
and forsake whilst I have worked, enlarged and proved,
It is I that keeps the management on the move.
SEXISM: Try racism who’s waiting to rhyme,
to give you a list and tell you the facts,
he is the one who has suffered through time,
and the one who most likely attacks.
(Exit Sexism, Enter, Racism)
RACISM: One black, one yellow, one green???
You are not as though you would seem,
I judged you by your color yesterday,
did Sexism tell you that he is not gay?!?
DOLLAR, BILL: Gay or straight, black or white,
I decipher not their quarrels,
I only care to channel God’s might,
augmenting the change tomorrow.
RACISM: God has spoken and burst out today!?!
No one with motley shades can obey,
for we are a force spreading like cancer,
affirmative action a most apropos answer.
DOLLAR, BILL: This I know, it is nothing fresh,
it seems I have been toiling with my own breath,
I could never quiet your sound,
you’re too toiling a mass to not abound.
(Enter Equality)
EQUALITY: What have my children been telling?
What foolish views have they been selling?
I will announce and speak their behalves,
if for only the lonely union which we all have.
DOLLAR, BILL: Tell me about the end so near,
I hope you do spill what I wish to hear,
for it is my plight to rescue the race,
usurping their daze, not leaving a trace!
EQUALITY: You cannot plow and not leave a trail,
for you are the god that they all hail,
because of the price that is put on your head,
when I have my say, you will be dead,
I am the eraser
of what seems too extreme,
and you the negator
of casteless camaraderie.
Your disbursement is so very collective,
if only you were more introspective,
and see all the greed that lies in your wake,
so that you might turn for penitence sake.
DOLLAR, BILL: You say I’m greedy but really you’re wrong,
I’m rated through nations,
domains I bear that are increasingly strong,
an autonomous cry precedes capitulation!
EQUALITY: Maybe it’s time you looked on the meek,
Their brotherhood I have so tried to keep,
and see in her eyes with no remorse,
will prove to me that you are not a recourse.
(Exit Equality, Enter Poverty)
DOLLAR, BILL: My God, your head without hair,
your clothes ragged in shambles,
my heart’s in despair,
has your path become beaten and wearily trampled?
POVERTY: Oh please, have pity, oh powerful one,
I did not lose nor did I respite,
I have been dealt a hand since life has begun,
but I keep trying in spite of my sight.
DOLLAR, BILL: You are but a stranger to these eyes,
by the looks of you I could only surmise,
that the same is true from you to me,
was ever there a grander sight you did see?
POVERTY: Oh no, sir, to me you look vague,
just like an oasis but much more opaque,
And I surely can’t let my hopes to so swell,
for wanting you, I’ve come to terms with my Hell.
DOLLAR, BILL: How enchanting, noble and sincere,
you are so very profound my dear,
you say you want me but I can’t have you,
let me tell you exactly what I shall do…
POVERTY: What is it, but please and on second thought,
you cannot win me like everything else you have bought,
now please go away and never return,
your face is too tempting for me to discern.
DOLLAR, BILL: Oh, alas, it has come to pass,
that what I can’t have is what I shall want,
just like the cliché and as fragile as glass,
I decree for you a total refund.
POVERTY: What do you mean by all of this jive?
I have no value save for my pride,
and I cannot pay what it is you require,
just as you have not what I desire.
DOLLAR, BILL: I’ll give you my heart, my soul and my worth,
I’ll take back all it is I have dispersed,
and to you it shall go, it will be so,
and we can unite and together grow old.
(Dollar, Bill and Poverty embrace. Enter God)
DOLLAR, BILL: Hark, I hear the Good Lord calling,
it’s best it’s time for me to stop stalling,
and show him I have changed all of my ways,
and hope in return He’ll show me much praise.
GOD: Mr. Bill, I see you have finally found,
the true meaning of love that’s sent from above,
taken My advice and with it did crown,
and turn the meager crow into a beautiful dove.
DOLLAR, BILL: I have my Lord, and hope You will see,
that life is much more than money or me,
and allow me to enter your palace,
after forgiving yours truly of my malice.
GOD: Your good deed is taken into concern,
and I hope you’ve marked well and have learned,
but don’t be too disappointed,
for My Kingdom you’ll never be anointed.
DOLLAR, BILL: WHAT? How come and for why?
I thought that the message you sent from the sky
was to learn and treat each other so right,
why is it now you do not want me in your sight?
GOD: Your back has no soul,
you’ve led men on vicious caper,
but the true reason you will not go
is because you are but a piece of paper.