The Closet of Hope was just that…a closet, tucked away in the basement of our church.  It is a place where people can come and fill needs for things like clothing, shoes, housewares, coats and so on.  It is a place where needs are met for free.   A place where reaching out for help is an act of faith, rather than a sign of weakness.  We have all been in a place, at some point in our lives, where we needed something.  If you find yourself in a place where you have a need, stop in.  We may have more than what you are looking for.  We are always getting new things in, so feel free to stop in often!
Here at The Closet of Hope, we are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family, regardless of where you may be on your spiritual path.  At The Closet of Hope, you will find a supportive team of volunteers with a desire to reach out and serve the community. You will find a family of believers with warm hearts, extended arms and open minds.
When we first started, our volunteers would pray that we would have enough “stuff” to offer people.  The Lord answered those prayers and sent us an abundance of things to put out. The volunteers started praying for hangers and low and behold, the prayers were answered!  Now they had “stuff” and hangers!  They changed their prayers and began asking for racks to hang their things on.  Yet again, the Lord showed Himself faithful and He sent donations of racks our way!  
We are open most Saturdays from 10a-12n. If you cannot make it during that time slot, contact us to make an appointment. 
For emergencies, you can contact our team leads:
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Call: 610-966-2382
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