Why “Macungie Christian Community”?

MCC has always been a Bible believing, Spirit filled and God led church.  As times have changed, so has our vision.  We decided to change our name from Macungie Baptist Church to Macungie Christian Community in 2008. This change was not because of a shift in our belief system or a break between our body and the Baptist body, rather a step to more closely identify ourselves in Christ and the community.  So, why Macungie Christian Community?

1. Macungie is where we started and where we have always  remained.

2. Christian is professing to follow Christ; acknowledging and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

3. Community reflects what we are and in who we are interested.

In a nutshell, we are a small community of believers in the bigger community of Macungie that is focused on rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation and devoted to prayer while contributing to the needs of the saints, and practicing hospitality: “Reaching up towards God and reaching out towards the community”.

church stone sign
On the left, you’ll see a stone sign at our main entrance.  The sign was originally part of the Good Shepherd Home in Allentown.  When they did their renovations in 1983 they offered it to us.  Men from our church went into town and brought this back home.  When our new sanctuary was built in 1986, we added it to our landscape.  Below the outside sign, you’ll see our Faith Hope Charity stone wall hanging.  This too was donated to us from The Good Shepherd Home and has been the at the front of our sanctuary since we opened the new sanctuary.  To the right is a cross that was hand hewn by Laurie Chattin.  Laurie was an Elder of our church that was also a  builder/contractor that helped with the addition of our new sanctuary.  He used his gift of wood working to make this special piece to be at the head of the sanctuary for all to see. 
faith hope charity